Friday 12 May 2017 Ransomware Attack

If you still have any Windows XP machines NOW is the time to upgrade.

Historically I have been fairly relaxed about older versions of Windows operating systems, so long as you had up to date security software. Following this attack, I have changed my mind. Once your operating system becomes obsolete you are running a constant risk someone will find a way to attack your machine.

The current suggestion on where this came from is appalling, it is thought to have originated from the USA Security Centre the NSA. The NSA was hacked and the code released and then, has been picked up by Russians, possibly criminal gangs. The irony being that Russia has been hit pretty hard with the attack

Microsoft knew about the vulnerability and had already issues a patch to protect machines but not if you are running unsupported versions of Windows.

Even though you may not have been hit on Friday, it does not mean the threat is over. Make sure all machines you have if they are current versions are fully up to date with windows patches. Unless you have specifically removed or disabled patches run Windows Update pretty darn quickly.

Backup, backup, backup! For many years I have gone on an on about backup, to this day less than 10% of all my clients have proper backup and even less ever test it.

Backup regularly and have more than one.

Beware calls from "Certified" Microsoft Agents

I received a call from a client recently as he had received a call from a so called "Certified" Microsoft agent, the person calling saying that his computer had errors which is causing their servers problems. You can mostly assume, that any call of this kind from someone or a company you don't know is more than likely a way to extort money from you. They may well ask to get access to you computer and heaven knows what they might do to it if they do.

If in any doubt as to who is calling end the call and DO NOT let them get access to your computer.

Ubunto 12.04.2 on Fujitsu TX100 S2 Installation Solved

Solved GRUB installation error installing Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS on Fujitsu TX100 S2

When installing Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 on to a Fujitsu TX100 S2 every time it got to the GRUB which is pretty much the last stage it failed.

The issue I was pretty sure was to do with the controller. The machine comes with a RAID controller on board. I had already disabled this and tried again with the same problem.

The solution was to set in the BIOS the SATA Mode Selection to "Compatible". Re run the install and the GRUB succeeds. I was helped by Fujitsu Primergy support even though this is not a supported platform.

Power spike brings business to a halt

Power spike causes Server to fail and why you MUST use a UPS for critical equipment!

On 20th December 2012 at about 5pm I was called by a client whose main server had failed. This for the client was a disaster because pretty much, no server means no business. The server would partially power on but could not see any hard drives so obviously it wouldn't start up.

Inside the machine we could see that an electrolytic capacitor had blown. Useful as this was it really didn't help because the client had to have a running system by 7AM the next day.

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