Hard Disk Failure & Recovery

When you have a machine failure, the most common problem is the disk drive. Older mechanical drives are still around but being replaced, fairly rapidly for SSD's(Solid State Drive).

Having been around since the very early days of computing (Neville Matthews since 1979), and MCS since that time we have seen many disk failures. So much so that we were fitting a replacement drive at the rate of about one or two every month

With so many failures, a number of specialist repair companies started. As recently as September 2019 we had a client call with a machine that would not start. See the Neville's article click here. These specialists have clean rooms and access to spares and can often get most if not all data on failed disks.

So if you have a machine with a disk problem or it will not start, give us a call.

Tel: 01628 626352

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