PC Startup slowed by conflicting Tune-UP Programs

I went to a PC yesterday that had previously had a faster startup, this was after installing a Tune-Up program. The Tune-Up program had been removed but the machine was still slower than previously. Restore to prior to installation was not possible having tried two different restore points without success.

The machine had Hitman Pro and AVG Tune Up still installed. Hitman Pro was configured to run a Quick Scan at Startup. This was taking about a minute previously but now was taking up to 15. Having disabled AVG tune up Hitman Pro was then down to about 4 minutes.

Hitman Pro was changed to run Daily at 13:00 instead of at Startup, now unfortunately, when the machine is first started the machine gives an error from Hitman Pro. No newer version was available so rather than the machine slow down every time at startup, it is necessary just to clear the error message which still leaves Hitman Pro apparently able to run.

Overall not the cleanest of outcomes but an improvement nevertheless.

The important point here is that it is probably better not to run multiple Tune-Up programs that have background processes concurrently executing, since the are quite likely to conflict with each other.

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