"Voice over Internet Protocol" or VoIP for shorthand, is simply about connecting into the "public" telephone system but using the Internet to do it. For most businesses if you have two or more lines and especially if you are using ISDN you can probably save money by switching to VoIP.

VoIP telephones are not just standard telephones that plug into the Internet (although we can connect standard telephones via a gizmo called an ATA) they are really mini specialised routers that convert sound to IP packets that can be sent over the Internet.

Yealink T20P VoIP Desk PhoneTo get a VoiP phone to work you need a provider that connects your phone into the "Public Switched Telephone Network" (PSTN). These companies are the ones that record the calls and costs so that you can be charged.

You can have your existing number transferred to a VoIP provider just like moving to any other telephone company.

VoIP PBXYou can start with just a single VoIP telephone and go right up to an IPPBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) or put simply the box that connects to the Internet and phones that plug into it via the same network that your PC's use.

We partner with Entanet and can provide everything most businesses need:-

  • Analogue lines (standard telephone lines)
  • Broadband - Both Business and Private options
  • Ethernet
  • Leased lines
  • Marketing numbers - 0845 etc.
  • VoIP Lines

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